Why We Live Here


 Residents of 339 W. Barry Avenue are drawn to its location
for many reasons. Here are some we collected:


§       "It's one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country; there's something for everyone."

§       "It’s actually a real ‘walk around,’ tree-lined neighborhood. You can stroll to dozens of restaurants, bars,  and supermarkets."  

§       "With kids in our family, we were relieved to know there are great schools in the neighborhood.  Plus   there's a neat playground just across the street."

§       "It's really nice to have the park and lake at our doorstep."

§       "What do I love most?  Maybe the miles of bike and jogging paths."

§       "People are just so friendly around here.”

§       "Don't want to drive there?  Four different bus-lines stop right at the corner,
 all day and night." 


§       “To us, the balcony really adds another ‘room’ and expands the living space.”

§       ”Our family enjoys barbecuing, sitting in the morning sun with a café latte, or getting
 a tan while watching the joggers and bikers.”

§       “It’s great to watch the sailboats on the lake or use binoculars to check for
 freighters on the horizon.”

§       “We love our flower boxes, gives us a feeling of our own private patio.”

§       “Great place to grow my herbs and tomatoes.”

§       “I can take my twenty minutes of daily sun whenever I want to without having
 to look fashionable.”  


§       “It’s great to have several major supermarkets in the neighborhood. We are real happy 
 with the new Trader Joe’s and look forward to a new supermarket taking the place of the former nearby Dominicks.”


§       “Since there are only two or three units on each floor, it gives us a lot more privacy plus
 good elevator service.”  

§       “For a high-rise, it’s surprisingly quiet since there is solid horizontal concrete between units.”

§       "There is very little common wall-space shared with the neighbor, which makes for a very
 quiet building and a good night’s sleep.”



§       “The clean, timeless glass and steel construction, designed by local architects Robert Fridstein and Marvin Fitch - who also designed well known Chicago buildings 3110 N. Sheridan and 5200 S. Cornell Tower - reminds us of well known Chicago designs by Mies van der Rohe.”

§       “Nothing tops the convenience of a self-parking garage with bicycle storage for us."

§       “Our family likes the annual summer and winter holiday parties. Gives us a great chance to get to know our neighbors.”

§       “We love the small-community feel of our building.  Everyone is friendly and easy to get along with.”